Welcome to our web site for the Christian Gamers community!

Internet Community:

I am James, the ever-growing Christian!

My goal is that this place should be only for mature Christians (ages 17 and up) to come and have a place to experience some of the good of the internet without getting mixed in with the wolves. The reason why I would like for people to be older is that there are a number of games like Half-life, Quake, Unreal, etc. that are not for younger children.

Of course non-Christians are welcome too, as long as everybody understands that the God-head (Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) is the focus for this site.

Read Psalms 36 for a display of His awesome grandeur.

What's New?

Look here for any new information, like updates to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

20060422- I have the domain setup fully for the web-site! More changes to come.

20060101- I have a forums page now available!

20060101-Changes coming for my Counter-Strike source server. Also, my contact info and Resume are updated.

20010911- World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon are hit by Terrorist-guided jets. Another Plane has crashed in Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburg.

010124- I started this page.

Stay Tuned as I Slowly Add Information to This Page.

He is Holy. King of kings. Lord of lords- He IS Holy

Table of various admins:

Admin Responsibility
GI James over all areas
Membirdman Forums Admin